We are very happy to announce that the first Intellectual Output (IO1) has been completed and is now available for all interested parties!

The first objective of our team was the formulation of a Crowd Funding Framework which would research, gather data and gain insight on what our target group knows and how we can help them overcome their fears and the potential obstacles they face. The Crowd Funding Framework combined a desk research and fieldwork approach with over 470 respondents from Greece, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom who participated in a on-line survey.

The typical respondent of the WAW survey is a woman, aged between 50 and 59 (or 30 and 39), who is employed in the private sector. Although unfamiliar with crowdfunding is very interested in the topic.

Themes such as setting the right target, good story and brand message, a well researched idea and strong business plan, a good communications strategy are very important for the target group.

If you would like to know more, you can access the full report here.

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