Crowdfunding is the next big thing for the next-generation entrepreneurs. It is not difficult to see why many start-ups have turned to the public to fuel their million-dollar idea. Not only does crowdfunding raise money from backers, but also it helps validate that your idea could make it to the mainstream public.

Crowdfunding is in fact very rewarding, but it is also fraught with tons of challenges that could make or break any entrepreneur, especially beginners. To the point that in order to launch their product, they would turn to their own pockets and use every single dime left in the bank so that the idea could get a head start.

There are ways to jump start a project by crowdfunding without having to spend personal cash. One such good example is telling a good story. Everybody loves a good story, because one way or another, we can relate to it and be touched or inspired. In order for your story to be heard, or read, you need to create a free website at and begin blogging. Showcase your storytelling skills. Be sure to always foster an honest connection with your readers. You always have to remember that your audience are your potential investors.

Once you have began your storytelling, you build your audience. You can utilize Simply create a free account and begin gathering email address from your visitors. The most critical aspect about crowdfunding is directly communicating with your audience, or investors.

We could go on all day about the many ways to crowdfund your one million-dollar idea. Lucky for you, we have incorporated them in one colourful inforgraphic below. Feed your brain with the necessary know-how and entice your eyes to the many possibilities of not spending any dime while gathering investors.

How to Crowdfund Your Next Big Idea (And Not Spend A Dime)

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