That is according to new research by Capgemini. The survey reveals that creative industries value candidates with digital skills higher than the IT or telecoms sectors.

Additionally, the research demonstrates how media, marketing, advertising and sales sectors will also pay a high price for candidates with high digital prowess.

Of the decision-makers in media, marketing, sales and PR surveyed, 100% labelled digital skills as important or very important.

This is compared to 98% of decision-makers in the IT and telecom sectors, and only 82% in retail.

While more than 80% of decision-makers in the survey said digital literacy is important for their business, 18% overall thought young applicants do not have the specific skills their organisations need.

One-fifth of companies in the media, marketing, advertising, PR and sales industries thought younger applicants did not have the right digital skills for the roles.

Almost half of senior decision-makers in companies said younger people are unable to adapt their digital skills to a workplace environment for activities such as using collaboration tools, designing software or using and developing cloud applications.

Paul Brown, Director at youth charity The Prince’s Trust which helps young people find work, told “Many of the young people the trust supports have not had experience of applying digital skills in the workplace and don’t always realise the growing significance of this to employers across a range of sectors”.

Story from Simply 360 website:

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