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Crowd Dialog Europe – Athens

In partnership with the EU Commission and the National Bank of Greece the city of Athens will be the 2017 hosting city to gather THE European Crowd experts. All driven by a common goal: enabling the crowd for a greater good. Stakeholder from all 28 European member...

Calling All Crowdfunders

Are you getting ready to launch your Indiegogo campaign? Wondering what steps you can take to set yourself up for success? To help you launch with the greatest amount of momentum, Indiegogo invites you to the upcoming webinar: “Crowdfunding for Hardware: From Ideation...

16 Crowdfunding Experts Share Their Top Tips

By Jonathan Chan It wasn’t that long ago that, if you were one of the people crazy enough to start your own business, trying to secure funding from an investor was like squeezing blood from a stone. But also, you didn’t have a stone and had no idea where to find one....


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